Tomorrow to come will be a tough challenge to face. The Revolution because of Science and Technology is going to change the whole scenario. The children will have to face acute competition.The Bhavans’ Prominent aims at laying a strong foundation so designed as to make a child a world class citizen, one who can overcome all the hurdles of competition and come out shining , facing things technologically, intellectually, socially, morally, ethically and aesthetically. High-tech infrastructure, top-class teaching, well-furnished campus and outstanding facilities definitely help the students to achieve international standards. The endeavor of The Bhavans’ Prominent , is to shape a child to meet the pressing requirements of the future and he should be the light of  the next dawn.

The Bhavans’ prominence’ lies in the cultural values which are safeguarded with elitist care.
This parivar, wants their young ones to be…
… Knowledgeable, intellectual, brainy and thoughtful.
… Religious and spiritual.
… Elegant with  the fresh fragrance of love, unity & brotherhood.
The prominence of our Bhavan is attributable to the religious devotion of the elder generation of the parivar, the teachers, for imparting a serene education to the young minds,
& of course, attributable to the bright and confident generation of the parivar, the students.