With a vast experience and years of expertise behind them, their educational and intellectual exposure has only led the founder members of ‘The Bhavans’ Prominent’, to appoint every teaching faculty who has sincerity, dedication, willingness to experiment and learn and a magnanimous heart to impart true knowledge to the students. The Bhavans’ Prominent therefore in its pursuit of excellence lays great emphasis on every one of its teachers to be a ‘model’ teacher.

Besides possessing impressive educational qualifications, a ‘model’ teacher at The Bhavans’ Prominent International, is expected to imbibe an ultimate sense of duty and responsibility and remain committed. The teaching staff here is co-operation personified and leave no stone unturned to make any and every event; be it a cultural or a sports event, a stupendous success. Hard-working, determined and loyal individuals contribute to the domain of knowledge and strengthen the hands of the Management. It is no wonder then that under the able leadership of its Director (Academics) Mrs. Gertrude Olga Meer, this 6 yr. old institution is scaling great heights of excellence & recognition & features amongst the reputed schools of Indore.