Outdoor Games
Outdoor games like Cricket, Tennis, Football, Basketball and Skating have been introduced for excellence, team spirit and physical fitness besides learning the nuances of the game. Every outdoor sport has a field or a court demarcated and constructed with precise specifications. Well-qualified and experienced coaches have taken the onus of guiding students in the various indoor and outdoor games. The students have picked up the sports well and have participated at the State, Regional, Zonal and International levels. Hundreds of prizes and laurels have been brought home. The competent coaches firmly and expertly guide the students and bring out the best in them.

Horse-riding and swimming are the other two outdoor activities which have received an overwhelming response. Horses of the best breed are the prized possessions of the Meer family. The swimming pool with precise specifications has been constructed in a separate building with ten shower stalls and dressing rooms. Tubes are provided to the younger students and they are taught by two expert swimming coaches.

From amongst all the indoor and outdoor activities the students are allowed to choose any two in one academic session. Each activity is pursued for 6 months so as to attain a good deal of perfection and knowledge in the chosen sport.The students are patiently coached and taught that learning to play a sport, is not enough. What is more important to develop team spirit and sportsman spirit.