Art and Craft
Nursery to Class III – students of these classes are being taught various forms of art and craft. Teaching the children to let their imagination go wild, they are taught to paint using vegetable dyes, natural colours, crayons, pencil colours etc. Pulses and grains having various colours and shapes are pasted onto a pre-drawn picture/sketch.

Origami, making creative items from waste etc. are taught. Children are encouraged to make cards; instead of buying from shops. This creativity doesn’t remain dormant and comes to the fore when students move on to higher classes and utilise these skills for their projects and assignments in various subjects.

These art & craft periods in the daily time-table bring out the artists to the fore; resulting in the ‘Creativity Week’. Children decorate candles; small clay pots are beatified with beads & sequins, the idea of ‘Best out of waste’ is implemented-where pencil shavings are used to make flowers on the cards. Such in the power of Art!