Social & community Service

A good citizen is one who returns all that he gets from the society; with interest. Every assembly has moral talks wherein the students are told to contribute to the society & community in a small way. Instead of buying birthday cards from ‘Archies’ they are asked to buy from ‘CRY’ – ‘Child, Relief And You’ – or from ‘Help Age India’ – both charity organizations for the children & the Aged respectively. They are told that the money spent on hosting extravagant parties may be spent to provide necessary utility items at ‘Jyoti Niwas’ – an orphanage & Old Age Home run, by the ‘Missionary of Charities’ – a dream realized by Mother Teresa. Students have been affected by the tiny tots orphaned or deserted by their parents at such a young age. This makes them realize how fortunate they are in comparison and learn to count their blessings.

‘Each One, Teach One’ – this will enable us to look forward to a stronger India. Even if we start teaching the maid working at our homes, we will have achieved our target of educating a number of people in a few years. Celebrating festivals and chanting prayers of all ‘dharmas’ is yet another way of practising ‘Community Living in Harmony’. Be it any festival or occasion, the students and staff come together to celebrate it with enthusiasm, vigour and unity. We send a message – that we are first & foremost INDIANS and try to imbibe and import PROMIMENT facets of the Indian culture to our students, to make them now & later, an integral part of the ‘Prominent family’.