The Bhavans’ Prominent International makes continuous, constant and sincere efforts in inculcating & instilling good moral values, etiquettes and discipline in their students; to make them ‘Prominent’ and ‘Eminent’ citizens of future India. Therefore a ‘model student’ is expected to follow the school rules and norms religiously. The students are expected to follow the school timings and schedules regularly. They are expected to wish and acknowledge the presence & authority of all elders, visitors and teachers. They are expected to be regular with the stipulated attendance and their study material along with their assignments and submissions. Students are expected to obey and be sincere in their deeds, thoughts and words and refrain from falsehoods. They are expected to imbibe good habits, necessary for possessing and building up a character.

They are expected to develop a sense of belonging with the school property and partake responsibilities and succeed in becoming an epitome of dedication and perfection. A ‘model’ student thus finds his inspiration from his guides and mentors, his teachers. A ‘model’ student is thus projected forth as a positive, confident personality, with proper guidance, walking in the footsteps of his ‘model’ teacher.