Leadership and Participation

The Bhavans’ Prominent International believes that there is a leader in every student. So right from a young age, students are encouraged to take up responsibilities and lead by example. From being appointed as class monitors to discipline – incharges, they are also given duties as volunteers during sports and cultural events. The school believes that they are never too young to be leaders. They learn to exercise and accept authority Leadership qualities thus developed, lead to interest in participation. The school conducts several inter-class and intra-class competitions like Recitation, Story-telling and debates. Fancy dress competitions are based on themes like Monsoon, Basant Panchami or red and white. On occasions like Diwali and Christmas, card-making competitions find children vying with each other. Creativity week has the teachers teaching children the art of block-printing, clay modeling etc.

The school boasts of innumerable awards and recognitions at Inter-School events where the students have brought accolades to the institution. Students are encouraged and supported by their parents and teachers to participate and excel at the zonal and National level in sports & games. With able and ever-optimistic coaches, the students have made the school proud.