Music and Dance
Every working day of the school begins with an obeisance to the Lord Almighty and the ‘Guru’ – The harmonium and the tabla – the accompaniments are played by the students themselves. There is a constant endeavor on the part of the Music teachers to involve more and more students. Students are allowed to opt for Music or Dance depending upon their aptitude and inclination. The activity of music is taught in the forms of Vocal and instrumental music and the playing of percussion instruments like the tabla, congo drums etc. Harmonium, synthesizer, electric guitar are the musical instruments in which students are trained. Musical programmes, orchestra are an integral part of the Annual Day Celebrations. Dance is an expression of one’s innermost feelings. Keeping in mind, the trend and interests of the modern youth and carrying on the Indian tradition, both Classical and Western forms of dance are taught. Dance teachers who are proficient in the respective dance forms instill a sense of grace, rhythm and beauty in the dancers. With a well-chalked out syllabus lessons in both Music and Dance are imparted.

The invigorating, pulsating dances presented during the Annual Day are what it takes to make this day memorable, year after year. Each musical note and dance step is very painstakingly taught by the teachers who are acclaimed artists themselves.