Girls’ Hostel and Boys’ Hostel
Within the School Campus, two separate Hostels have been erected for Boys & Girls. These hostels are in the true spirit & sense ‘a home away from home’. Such are the facilities, comforts, care and concern along with motherly love, which is bestowed generously on the resident students. Housing over 250 inmates, every floor in the hostels has over 10 rooms. Each room is airy, well-ventilated and spacious enough to freely accommodate 6 students. Each bunker bed which is allotted to the inmates has besides comfortable mattresses, a study space & a small cupboard with secure locks. Adequate no. of washrooms which are spotlessly clean, add to the hygienically maintained hostel area. Lady wardens for the Girls hostel are physically and morally with the students at every hour of the day and night. Wardens and trained supervisors monitor and keep a strict vigil over the boys. Both the hostels are guarded by professional security guards.

A note of every single ailment or allergy of the resident students is made in the school records. Prompt medical aid is provided both during the day and night.

Special teachers have been appointed to tutor the hostellers. in the evening. A time-table has been prepared for the evening which specifies the study timings after which they are allowed to play games of their choice. Weekends are utilised for local outings or a special movie screening. Special care and meals are provided to students during their fasting days.All religions are considered to be equal.