The Bhavans’ Prominent International(with CBSE Affiliation No. 1030201) striving for global excellence with an Indian fragrance, is one of the elite schools, in the city of Holkars, Indore. Situated at Piplia Kumar, near Bombay Hospital at a magnificent location in Indore, it has a sprawling, pollution-free and an eco-friendly campus spread over 20 acres of land. Situated on the Malwa plateau, the city enjoys a pleasant climate. The magnificent school building has been designed with great care to suit the purpose of enjoyable learning, with spacious, well-designed, subject-oriented classrooms letting in plenty of natural light and air. The school offers a peaceful and conducive atmosphere for the pursuit of excellence in academic as well as co-curricular activities.

Veterans in the field of education, the founder members Prof. M.H. Meer and Mrs. Gertrude Olga Meer have been focused educationalists with a temple of learning, ‘Christian Eminent School’, founded over more than 30 yrs ago; as their first venture.

The Bhavans’ Prominent International was a vision of these great stalwarts and they founded this temple of learning with an aim to build a strong, young generation with a sound mind and physique, with habits and accomplishments conducive to a fuller, purposeful and noble life, so that each student blossoms into an integrated personality.

The school provides each pupil with opportunities for developing his or her individuality through activities, which will promote an integrated outlook. In addition to this, each pupil is encouraged to develop habits, knowledge and interests, necessary for achieving the noble ends of life. With this aim, the school constantly strives for spiritual development, by providing an appropriate religious and a cultural environment. It also aims at bringing out the talents and capabilities resulting in well-balanced, smart and confident individuals.